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This is a cosy space for adults with vulvas/yonis, of all ages (+21), bodies and identites, to come together to explore, celebrate, support each other and heal our sexuality.

In person sessions at Body Conscious Studio, Botanic Ave, Belfast  
Online by zoom

Circle every 2 weeks
In person: 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th & 8th 
Zoom: 2nd, 4th , 6th 

Sign up is for the full 8 circles journey
We are building a community of trust and connection over time.

LIMITED spaces available
Maximum of 12 women only, to create intimacy and depth.

Includes support through exclusive WhatsApp group during the incredible 4 month journey for only those that sign up for this round. After you can choose to be added to our past circles group too and join a full yoniverse of women devoted to this path!

*Yoni is a yogic Sanskrit term for our sacred sexual portal to pleasure, creation, mystical experience and a core expression of who we are. It is the Source, the eternal process of all creation. It is the vulva-vagina-womb, but so much more! Our whole body, heart, mind, being & spirit are part of the Yoni. It is that which connects us to our divine nature & our erotic feeling intelligence.
What happens in the circle?

We get to exhale. We make ourselves cosy with cushions and tea. 

We get to remember the sacredness, power, softness, wildness, beauty of our particular flavour of sexuality. We get to do or not do whatever we want, and we get celebrated for it all! 

Everything is an invite / optional and you can simply be with yourself or adapt the practice to your own needs in the moment. I will always be guiding us to feel what is right for us, and within our consent / comfort-learning zone. Nothing has to happen. We are here to empower each other into our inner wisdom.

In the circle I will offer somatic exercises, using breath, sound, movement and loving touch that connect us to our sacred sexuality, primarily through our breasts, heart and yoni. 

Through consent and embodied feeling practices we create more and more safety and grounding in our relationship to our body, feeling and sexuality. This supports us by rewiring and balancing our nervous system, which can often be stuck in imbalanced fight or flight as a result of a culture of disconnection, shame and unrealistic standards and ideas around bodies and sexuality. When we feel safe we become more free and open, more confident and able, to express and celebrate our fullness, our boundaries, our desires, our pleasure, our purpose and our gifts in service to Life itself, with out shame. What a beautiful, powerful and exciting world that is for everyone!

In the circle we will also have time to verbally reflect and share with each other on our challenges and desires in the practices and our experiences of our bodies, sexuality and relationships in our lives. 
The circle is an opportunity to create a community of compassionate solidarity & support between people with yonis in our shared & diverse experiences. 

* We Celebrate all ages, bodies & identities

* Co-create a non-judgemental, confidential space to show up in all your shit & all your glory

* Practice deep listening; moving away from the idea of fixing another or giving unsolicited advice, into presence and witness, allowing and empowering each individual to more deeply see themselves, find their own power, authority, pleasure and answers within.

* Promote deep care for seeing, feeling and healing our individual and collective wounds, and supporting the evolution of higher levels of consciousness in our bodies and lives that the world desperately needs.
“A woman who does the work to reclaim her pleasure, female body, sensuality, and creative power is unstoppable…And a worldwide network of women embarking on this path together, supporting each other to thrive, changes the world, one yoni at a time.”
Hilary Kimball 
(One of my holistic sexuality teachers)

£200 for the 8 weeks session.
LIMITED spaces available
Maximum of 12 women only to create intimacy and depth.

Includes support through exclusive WhatsApp group during the powerful 4 month journey, for only those that sign up for this round. After you can choose to be added to our past circles group too and join a full yoniverse of women devoted to this path!
Example practices
 We will have a lot of solo practice, with some pair work and group experiences. Everything is optional / adaptable. I will also be feeling into and getting feedback from the group.

  • Meditations to connect to our yoni, heart, breasts, power, self love, sensuality, sexuality etc
  • Breath work to move energy and vitality into our yoni, breasts and whole body
  • Mindful movement where we focus on awareness and love for our yoni and breasts 
  • Guided self touch to slow down, feel more, find new ways to relate to ourselves with more love and awareness of what our body, heart and soul really wants. 
  • For the first circles we will focus on our body generally and solo breast massage.
  • Sensual dance and nurturing touch based on consent, and verbal exercises in pairs and groups
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