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*SOMATICS is a field within bodywork and movement studies which emphasizes internal physical perception and experience. The term is used in movement therapy to signify approaches based on the soma, or "the body as perceived from within”. Spiritual practice in this field and discourse sees the direct perception of an internal "life force" as sacred.

How I help you
  • We discuss your challenges and desires in love, sex, relationships & life
  • Everything is client-led and a co-created journey of self-inquiry, self-love, intimacy & discovery
  • I share embodied practices & mind-blowing info to connect you to your power & pleasure
  • I invite you into embodied somatic* experiences - undoing tensions, fears or blocks
  • I guide you into deeper relaxation, feeling, awareness, safety, pleasure, exploration & communication in empowering & expansive ways
  • With my packages you get home-play to integrate, expand and anchor your transformation
The Process

Welcome to a compassionate, 
deep & playful space for loving all of you! 

Step 1 - Read all the info on this page to make step 2 more effective
Step 2 -  book a free consultation a free 20 min consultation to really check if my work is right for you - this work involves self enquiry and devotion
Step 3 - Fill intake form to share your desires and challenges more deeply
Step 4 - Online intro course “Portals of Pleasure” (coming soon) or demonstrate other experience that means you are ready for this deep work
Step 5 - Book ritual, session, support call and / or package

Know, feel and love yourself, your power 
and your sexuality more and more!

Practices we can explore

I use different exercises depending on your particular desires and challenges. Everything is an invite. “No” is welcomed and encouraged. My focus is finding the right practice for you and empowering you. Practices range from…
  • Breath, movement and sound
  • Meditation / visualisation & relaxation
  • Orgasmic embodiment exercises
  • Wheel of consent & boundaries
  • Touch & erotic bodywork
  • Compassionate communication
  • Shadow work and more

Example topics

  • Developing Communication / Boundaries / Consent - self expression, listening, creating sexy & loving agreements
  • Overcoming pain or tension, shame, guilt, inadequacy, performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm, fear, body image issues, limiting or false beliefs and habits     
  • Developing intimacy, arousal, orgasm & energetic orgasm, bliss, expanded sexual pleasure, self-love, self-acceptance, confidence, self-belief, self-worth, sacred sex, the intersection of sex and spirituality
Conditioned habits, ideas, limiting false beliefs & past experiences can control what we think of ourselves, how we show up & what's possible for us. I show you how to let go of old patterns & create new blissful possibilities!
Somatic Intimacy Sessions
My 1-1 sessions are not for complete beginners in healing. They require that you either complete my introductory online course “Portals of Pleasure”, (coming soon), or in the meantime, that you demonstrate suitable experience in spiritual practice such as self-enquiry, healing, shadow work, somatic bodywork/enquiry, tantra and/or meditation. 

This is to avoid disappointment as this work is not a quick fix. I want you to benefit from what I'm offering. This work is a deep and devotional process of commitment that requires and liberates you into ownership and release of your wounds and habits so that you can fully embody your power, pleasure and purpose. I will guide you in all of it with compassionate presence if you are ready!
Modalities and terms used in the somatic intimacy sessions
*Clean language
This is the reflection of the clients own exact words back to them and the use of specific types of questions to support them to explore more deeply without imposing one’s own ideas or bias.

Questions may be: what kind of…is that…? is there anything else about that…? where do you notice this in your body? what shape, colour, texture, character does that have? What would it say if it could speak? what would you like to have happen?
*NVC - Non Violent Communication - 
A heart centred conscious approach to create understanding in connection and communication, as opposed to our conditioned strategies of judgement and finding out who’s right or wrong.
* Orgasmic Embodiment exercises: 
Heart pleasuring, Gently resting genitals, Exploring the land down under, Pelvic floor workout,  Erotic metta, In the mirror, Healthy porn, Erotic trance dancing, Self-erotic massage, The erotic microcosmic orbit, Hands free pleasuring, Vipassana pleasuring, Flirting with shadows, Dressing for practice, Shake it til you make it, Erotic trance soundscape, Touching your chakras with love, The barometer,  The chakra dijeridoo, Body prayer, Self-appreciation, Making love to the Universe, Sensual sensitizing, The abundant pleasure of breasts, Taoist spiralling, Alternate anal breathinging
*IFS - Internal Family Systems
An embodiment practice to connect with our inner world of parts - exiles and protectors - anchoring into our open, curious and compassionate Self to connect with, empathise and transform these parts into an integrated system that is unburdened and free to express and offer its gifts. 
One-off session price structure
2h in person session £350 / €410 - online session £300 / €350
3h in person session £450 / €525 - online session £400 / €470
4-5h session £600/ €700
There is no quick fix to your challenges or desires. Deep devotion and commitment are required for real and lasting transformation

*If you are struggling financially please get in touch and let’s see if we can find a way to work together.

3 month program 
  • x3 (3-4h) rituals or sessions 
  • x1 (1h) support call 
  • Home play exercises
  • 24h messaging/email support  
  • Price £1350 - payment plans available
6  month program
  • x5 (3-4h) rituals or sessions
  •  x2 (1h) support calls 
  • Home play exercises
  • 24h messaging/email support 
  • Price £2250 - payment plans available

My Approach
I create a safe space of non-judgement where you can…

  • Share yourself fully without fear
  • Rewire your neuro-pathways to create new possibilties, perspectives, experiences and feelings in your life
  • Connect body-mind-heart to move into empowered agency and choice in the present moment and find the love, sex and relationships of your dreams!
Ethics and guidelines

  • Everything is an invite and agreed before proceeding. Nothing is required to be done.
  • Rachael Nitya is always fully clothed.
  • Clients may be as clothed or naked as feels comfortable for bodywork or somatic exercises where appropriate.
  • Any erotic touch that has been agreed is always one way - from Rachael to the client.
What my clients say
I wanted to unlock more freedom, pleasure and playfulness in my body. And to deepen the connection with myself, my body and my sexuality. In the session I released some shame and fear that I was ready to let go of, which created more space and freedom within me. I let go of stuff that was still holding me back from expressing and experiencing my sexuality.

I would recommend Rachael to anyone wanting to deepen their connection with their selves, to shed dysfunctional beliefs and accumulated trauma, or to anyone wanting more self love, confidence, pleasure and joy in their life. During the session with Rachael I felt so safe as well as fully supported and honoured as an individual with all of me welcomed and seen and accepted. 

Miiska 25, Men's work facilitator, Finland
Rachael is a very sensitive and intuitive professional. I was impressed in how she made me go deeper into my real feelings. During the 1-1 session her voice and methods brought so much awareness and presence to parts of my body that I wasn't connect with anymore. 

...She creates a safe and very easy environment where I felt super welcome exactly as I'm. I really recommend her if you want to open up, connect to yourself deeply and have more joy in life! 

- Patricia Udipti, 30, Brazil, Breathwork Facilitator & Cacao Ceremony holder.


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