Dear Rachael, thank you so much for the space you opened in me…A feeling of remembering my inner power... A remembering of the natural state of my energy... Your inner dance opened a portal in me... allowing myself more to be who I am. A healing and empowering experience...

Ellen Van Gorp, Belgium, Sound Healing Practitioner

July 6 & 7  DERRY 
The Light Space, Pennyburn
11 am - 7pm both days
choose 1 or 2 days
Release your inner blocks, heal and awaken your life force

Kundalini is another word for our life force energy, part of our creativity and sexuality. It is our innate power. When aroused from its state of potentiality in our root, it awakens us to our true nature, gifts and calling. We experience ourselves as non-dual, in two ways simultaneously: as individuals and as One with the Universe / Life / Source.

 Day 1 Explores solo and partner journeys and practices, activating and learning to support each other, creating a safe space to release, open and experience, beyond ego and conditioning.

Day 2 Deepens solo activation journeys, alternating between giving and receiving, including group flow experiences, anchoring transformative energy to daily life. You will tune into the different frequencies of the chakras, and learn to embody and release attachment to energy patterns, as well as own shadow and light to reveal your true bliss.

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£ 180 
✔️ More coherent, full journey

✔️ Accelerate your process through immersion

✔️  Build upon & deepen your experience


£ 110
✔️ ​Test the waters

✔️ Access/develop your Kundalini life force

✔️ Learn basics to support others' journey


£ 110
✔️ ​Learn to embody & release chakra frequencies

✔️ Develop skills in supporting

✔️ Group flow experience & integration

Experiences include:

  • Spontaneous ecstatic, healing or meditative movement
  • Emotional catharsis
  • Energy flow and energy healing
  • Visuals like mandalas, lights, colours or guides
  • Divine revelation

Dive into the realms of self-discovery, unleash authentic expression, 
and integrate learned practices into your daily life. 

       Such a beautiful, blissful, deep, juicy, wild, RAW experience. Rachael is an absolutely gorgeous soul, so full of life force energy, and an amazing facilitator. I recommend this experience with every fibre of my being…If you are feeling called at all....just do it, you won't regret it.

Ruth McGilligan
* Uncover, unblock, rewrite, release - tension, trauma, limiting beliefs
* Undo conditioning & fear through energy flow
* Tap into the body’s wisdom, intuition, higher consciousness/source 
* Open to the heart’s true desire and new possibilities
* Become who you really are – Life itself
July 6 & 7  DERRY 
The Light Space, Pennyburn
11 am - 7pm both days
choose 1 or 2 days
What do I need to bring?
* yoga mat or sheepskin
* warm clothes you can move in
* water bottle
* don't eat at least 1h before (eating raw fruits/veg or even fasting if you have experience - please do not fast if you don't have experience - raw/fasting allows the energy to move more freely) 
* Snacks & lunch - again eating light is best. Salads or fruits is good but not required.

Do I have to do everything on the retreat? 

No. Feeling and acting on your felt sense and boundaries is one of the core teachings and experiences. Living and acting from your integrity and life force guidance is the work. You will be actively encouraged only to do what feels good for you. This can be subtle as we are often operating on unconscious scripts. You can watch or leave the room or even the event if you need to at any point. 
Is there nudity?

There is no nudity in these workshops. 
Is there sexual energy or touch?

There is no genital or breast touch. Sexual energy is welcome. It is connected to our life force, kundalini, spirituality, power and creativity. I encourage you to notice, feel and enjoy your own energy in every form. It is deeply empowering and healing to welcome it without expectation of particular outcome.

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